The Setup, Lights, and Sound group does the technical work of setting up for Sunday morning worship services, operation of stage lighting, operation of sanctuary audio equipment, and then putting away and securing any equipment used in the service. Setup includes setup and storage of the chalice and related items.

Audio-Visual and Lighting Systems

The sanctuary has a monaural sound system and theater lighting for use during sanctuary programs. The Sexton schedules audio engineers quarterly to support Sunday activities and as needed by performing ensembles renting the sanctuary. Engineers complete a training apprenticeship with two or more of the current teams. When proficient, they join  the rotation.

The sanctuary sound system has the following equipment.

  • Portable video projectors (VGA and HDMI)
  • Four channels of microphone inputs.
  • Two microphone to line level matching transformers
  • Two guitar to microphone matching transformers
  • Two stage monitors
  • Two wireless microphones
  • One wireless lavalier microphone
  • Portable mixer, amplifier, and speakers for outdoor services