• Youth News 10/13/21 (10/12/2021) -


     Mentor Session

    This Sunday, October 17th we’ll have another mentor session!  Join us on GatherTown at 3PM to meet with your mentor, learn more about them, what brings them to UUism and CVUU. 

    GatherTown Information –

    GatherTown Tutorial

    GatherTown Link: https://gather.town/app/xAmrBLfOLnphfQxg/CVUUyouthspace

    GatherTown Passcode: chalice

    Remember if you’re ... read more.

  • RE Happenings 10/13/21 (10/12/2021) -

    The theme for October is Cultivating Relationships.  This past Sunday we talked about the two important parts of cultivating relationships which are the skills of listening and the ability to clearly communicate what you need. Our faith has a long history of being committed to ... read more.

  • RE Happenings 10/6/21 (10/5/2021) -

    The theme for October is Cultivating Relationship.  This past Sunday we talked about how making promises is an important part of making friends and cultivating relationships. In our UU faith, making promises is called a covenant. Our UU faith tells us that making promises in ... read more.

  • Soulful Home – October (10/5/2021) - The Welcome Mat What Does it Mean to be a Family Cultivating Relationship?

    Relationships ask us to answer the “who” questions: Who is in our circle of friendship? Who is not? Who makes up our family? Whose absence in our family do we notice and remember? Who ... read more.

  • RE Happenings 9/29/21 (9/28/2021) -

    The theme this month is embracing possibility.  We started off the religious education session with showing a picture of someone yelling at another person.  Then we talked about how when something bad happens, it’s easy to assume that things will always be bad. When a ... read more.

  • Youth News 9/29/2021 (9/28/2021) -


     UU History Overview

    This Sunday, October 3rd we’ll be diving into UU History!   We’ll watch a video made by Rev. Viola and then have a discussion.  For those who would like a bit more information on UU History check out this video:

    ... read more.

  • Youth News 9/22/21 (9/22/2021) -


    This Sunday we will meet at CVUU at 3PM!  Please register in advance using the link below.

     In-Person Team Building!

    This Sunday, September 26th we’ll be hosting an in-person team-building event at the church starting at 3PM!  All youth are encouraged to participate.  There will be an option for ... read more.

  • RE Happenings 8/25/21 (8/25/2021) -

    This past Sunday in Religious Education we reviewed the 5th Principle “Everyone has a say.” We watched a video titled Everyone Gets a Say and discussed deciding things as a group through the democratic process of voting.  We used the scenario “what would we play, ... read more.

The RE Program encompasses a variety of fun and meaningful opportunities for families, and really ANYONE who want’s to get involved.
From traditional events that happen monthly or annually, to new and exciting ideas and information, there is always something going on at CVUU.