Month: January 2021

Organization of CVUU

It takes a lot of time and talent to keep our beloved community working to the benefit of our members, friends and community. We have formed partnerships, as staff, board members, and volunteers, which have a singular aim: to provide a nurturing community, to … read more.

Sign up to help NEST

First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk is continuing to host NEST guests for the remainder of the winter season.  As they need help to do so and thanks to your financial generosity we have the resources, we are going to take on providing another week of … read more.

CVUU protects waterway

Our congregation has accomplished a mighty feat this year, making stellar progress in restoring the Elizabeth River which surrounds our church home.

That progress will be officially recognized at the Elizabeth River Project’s virtual awards ceremony Jan. 21, where CVUU will be awarded a Two-star Achievement … read more.

CVUU’s mid-winter meeting

Communication and democracy are two elements that bring us together as a community. They engage us with each other and provide the governing for our CVUU community. The CVUU Board has set the dates for the Mid-Winter Meeting, the Election Meeting, and the Annual meeting. … read more.

Board Goals for a New Year

CVUU Mission: Our congregation provides a nurturing community, fosters courageous spiritual growth, and inspires compassionate action.

The CVUU Board of Directors will focus on meeting the elements of our Mission Statement through the following goals and actions during 2021:

“provide a nurturing community”

Create mailings of information pertinent to the Congregation, … read more.