Series: Sermons

Sermon 2/28/21

“Building a Beloved Community on the Red Hills of Georgia,” with guest speaker Verdis Robinson on our YouTube channel. Robinson tells of his ancestral journey to the red hills of Georgia and to an early black community called “Old Field.”

Sermon 2/14/21

“What Does It Mean When We Side With Love?” with Rev. Viola Abbitt.

Most of us just spent the last month contemplating 30 Days of Love looking at the way love shows up in our lives. Whether or not you participated, have you given much thought … read more.

Sermon 2/7/21

“How Do I Love Thee?” with Rev. Viola Abbitt. February’s theme is Beloved Community. There are many different kinds of love. What kind of love do we need in the world?

Sermon 1/31/21

“Filling in the Blanks,” with Rev. Viola Abbitt. Imagination is a good thing to have, but when we are called to be in relationship with others, it can hurt us just as much as it can help.

Sermon 1/17/2021

“Every Beginning,” with Rev. Viola Abbitt. There are some who say that imagination is required for the creation of anything new. But, is it? And if it is, what else might we need?

Sermon 1/10/2021

“What We Imagine For Ourselves,” with Rev. Viola Abbitt. Imagination is not just something that we use to come up with completely made up and non-sensical stuff. We need imagination to see the future we deserve.

Sermon 1/3/2021

“Revival of Relationships, Revolution of Values,” with guest speaker, the Rev. Danielle Di Bona. We are privileged to welcome the Rev. Danielle Di Bona to CVUU. In “Revival of Relationships, Revolution of Values”, she presents an unflinching, creative and inspiring vision of what Unitarian Universalism … read more.

2020 12.20

“Welcoming the Light” with Rev. Viola Abbitt. Winter starts on Monday, December 21st. It is the shortest day of the year, which is an easy way to describe the winter solstice. What are the lessons, if any, that we can draw from this time of … read more.

2020 12-13 When We Stop

There are just too many things to do. There are the things we are supposed to do, things we think we are supposed to do and the things we just want to do. What happens if we just take some time out?