Series: Sermons

2020 12.20

“Welcoming the Light” with Rev. Viola Abbitt. Winter starts on Monday, December 21st. It is the shortest day of the year, which is an easy way to describe the winter solstice. What are the lessons, if any, that we can draw from this time of … read more.

2020 12-13 When We Stop

There are just too many things to do. There are the things we are supposed to do, things we think we are supposed to do and the things we just want to do. What happens if we just take some time out?

2020-12-06 Waiting

This year, the period of Advent runs from November 29th to December 24th. This is a significant time in the Christian church in which waiting and anticipation are key themes. But, what does that mean to us as Unitarian Universalists, and what could we possibly … read more.

2020-02-09 Behind and Beyond our Walls

“Behind and Beyond Our Walls,” with Carlton Elliott Smith, an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, currently serving on the Southern Regional staff. Reverend Smith talks about his experiences at Charlottesville VA Unite the Right counter protest.

Behind and Beyond our Walls

… read more.