A recap of the Sept. 12 annual retreat

The Board of Directors conducted a virtual annual retreat, on Zoom, Saturday, September 12th. The retreat was facilitated by Carlton E Smith and Natalie Briscoe, from the UUA. The Board is looking forward to an exciting Fiscal Year 2021, which officially began July 1, 2020.

The facilitators started with a session about “Covenant”. The retreat started with a review of the Board goals for last year. The Board reviewed the CVUU mission and vision. The Board conducted a review of what is working well for the Congregation, during COVID-19 circumstances. The Congregation has done a remarkable job, staying engaged, and many ministries are still working very well, despite the trying times we are in. The Caring Team, Covenant Circles, Lay Pastoral Care, Young Adults, CREC, Worship Services, Communications, Technology, Building Council, and other committees, and groups are still able to further the mission of CVUU.

The Board reviewed the goals we set for ourselves at the August 12, 2019 Board of Directors retreat. Those goals for FY 2020 were:

-Encourage lifelong religious learning

-Strengthen opportunities for personal and congregational growth

-Meet our financial commitments

-Solidify CVUU’s organizational structure and management

-Enhance effective internal congregational communication and external communication to the community

The Board then moved into a session to discuss how to move forward for the current Congregation year. The mission of CVUU is“Our congregation provides a nurturing community, fosters courageous spiritual growth, and inspires compassionate action.”

 The Board intends to commit to this mission by:

  “…nurturing community”

  • Create mailings of information pertinent to the Congregation, such as copies of sermons, to ensure those who are not connected electronically or virtually remain engaged.
  • Meet our financial commitments
  • Recruit new talent and leadership
  • Identify opportunities to create new small group ministry
  • Solidify organizational structure, while allowing flexibility for growth potential
  • Examine the Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)
  • Enhance effective internal and external communications

“foster courageous spiritual growth…”

  • Look for opportunities to strengthen personal and congregational growth
  • Provide opportunities for training (lectures, leadership training)
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual practice
  • Congregational workshops
  • Provide opportunities for children and youth
  • Engage individuals

“…inspires compassionate action.”

  • Get through COVID-19 circumstances “to the other side” without wearing out or exhausting volunteer resources
  • Provide support for Reverend Viola
  • Complete the Ministerial selection process, and complete the Calling vote
  • Identify new ways to support and encourage congregants to do the work of the Congregation
  • Revisit the Organizational chart to see if there are committees that may be consolidated
  • Delineate the Organization into Program Council and Building Council functions

More information about how the Board plans to accomplish these goals in FY 2021 will be published soon. The retreat ended with a review of CVUU’s current financial situation, which is still sound. The CVUU Board of Directors is excited, energized, and hopeful. These are interesting times. The Board hopes that we will be able to honor the trust the Congregation has bestowed upon us.  This year holds many promising new opportunities for the Congregation!

Ken Saucer CVUU

Secretary to the Board of Directors

(757) 235-2322

Reminder: The CVUU Board of Directors meets every month (now on Zoom due to COVID-19). The meeting is the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

The meeting is open for congregants to observe. Congregants who want to present something to the Board must notify CVUU Board President Anne Odell prior to the meeting, so it can be included on the agenda.