Remodeling goals

As purchased, Mike has a good location with good bones but needs significant remodeling and renovation.

  • We need to develop a theater space for worship, performing arts, and community programs
  • We need to develop religious education spaces
  • We need to develop a kitchen and social hall (future)
  • And we need to comply with current accessibility, structural, fire, electrical, and energy codes.


Early First Floor Plan

The first floor has the following key areas to be developed in existing space. The drawing shown was prepared early in the design process. Since then, the courtyard has been filled in to make new space, a new entrance vestibule was added, and changes have been made to the front parlor and rest room arrangements. 

  • A new entrance vestibule
  • A new theater space for worship, performing arts, and community programs
  • A new front parlor for gathering before and after events, receptions, etc.
  • A new kitchen 
  • A new social hall (space reserved but remodeling deferred)
  • New entrances and exits as needed to meet fire and accessibility codes

The remodeling adds new HVAC, lighting, and control systems. The building will have several HVAC systems, a large system for the worship space, smaller systems for the office wing, RE spaces, 2nd Floor RE spaces, 3rd Floor multi-use space, and Social Hall. All HVAC zones will have coordinated control with occupancy sensing. 

All of the building lighting will have LED lamps and most spaces will have managed lighting activated by occupancy sensors or vacancy sensors. We're looking at the possibility of following the 2017 electrical code for egress control of the self-dimmed LED luminaries illuminating the hallways and stair wells. These lights will illuminate in response to a fire alarm or other evacuation signal source. We're also looking at the possibility of providing emergency egress power for these lights. Introduction of LED lighting greatly reduces the cost and complexity of egress lighting control and egress lighting power.

Our new worship space will have LED theatrical lighting in addition to the house lights and stage work lights. The house lights will be dimmable and can be dimmed from the accompanist's location and from the AV booth at the back of the hall.

Our new worship space will have modern PA and projection systems. The PA will have more microphone inputs and more mix outputs to better serve the needs of the events produced in the space. The mixer will have automatic mic mixing for simplified production of panel discussions. All mixer inputs will have equalization, compression, and limiting. Standard configurations will be stored and recalled making the mixer easier for our volunteers to operate.

The hall loudspeakers will be chosen with sound quality in mind. A central speaker serves the main hall and balcony. Under balcony fill speakers serve the audience at the back of the hall.

A new assistive listening system will deliver the hall audio to member's smart phones. We will also be able to distribute audio to the front parlor and child care spaces.