Youth News 9/8/21


RE resumes this Sunday, September 12th at 3 PM!

For the 2021-2022 church year youth group will begin their Coming-of-Age adventure!  Materials will be mailed out this week, don’t fret if they do not arrive by Sunday.  Since the Coming-of-Age program builds on itself each session please aim to be present at least 80% of the time this year. 

Each youth will be assigned a mentor as well, once those selections have been finalized youth will be notified who their mentor is, and we’ll have a ‘Getting to Know You’ virtual session using the meeting platform GatherTown. 

This Sunday

This Sunday we’ll be discussing covenant and create the youth group’s covenant for this church year.  We’ll begin our session with check-in and then an ice breaker where everyone will write a six-word memoir to share with the group.  Then we will dive into the work of covenanting making using the Zoom whiteboard feature, and lastly if time permits, we’ll play a game. 

Please take a moment and have your parents/guardians fill out the Religious Education registration form, if they have not already done so, that wat we have updated information on all our participating families.  

Registration Link:

D&D Openings!

Do you enjoy D&D?  Are you curious about the game but not sure where to begin?  Did you miss our first signup?  No worries, we have reached a point in our adventure where we can welcome new adventurers! 

Sign up using this handy dandy form:

Then join us on our D&D Discord Server!

We’ll be taking signups until September 12th!  


All youth active in our youth group will be taking part in Coming-of-Age this upcoming church.  We are working with our friends from UUFP (the Newport News fellowship) to offer an enriching community-building program.  We ask that youth be present at least 80% of the time to get the most out of the program.   

Youth will meet virtually at 3 PM on Sundays via Zoom and Gather Town. We will use the same Zoom information we have been using for youth group RE.  There will be opportunities for outdoor gatherings for those who feel comfortable attending with an option to log in virtually for those who wish to remain virtual. 

Please take a moment to fill out the RE Registration Form if you have not done so already:


Rayven Holmes (she/her)

Religious Education Coordinator
(757) 627-5371

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