Youth News 5/18/22

First The Sad Bit

As many of you know, after nearly three years of serving this wonderful community I’ll be making my departure on May 31st.  It was a decision that required a lot of discernment and was not made lightly.  The pandemic has stretched and pulled all of us and our families in ways we didn’t know were possible.  Sometimes the most radical thing we can do is stop, sit down, and listen to our minds, bodies, and the voices of those who know us best. I want you all to know the children of CVUU are amazing human beings with the capacity to change the world, even if it’s just our little corner of it.  Continue to pour into them, continue to care for them as you wish to be cared for, and remember that if we truly want a Beloved Community then even the tiniest voice needs to matter.  Be well beloveds.     

Coming of Age Service

This Sunday is our Coming-of-Age service. Hooray we made it!  We will do a run-through at 10 AM that morning after RE has departed from the sanctuary.  The service will be at 11 AM.  A reception will follow, please make sure I have your food order by the end of business today! 

See you all Sunday morning! 


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Lifespan Faith Development Coordinator
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