Youth News 2/24/21

This Sunday 

This Sunday you will need the paper cut-out person that you decorated last Sunday and the number line in your RE @ Home Kit. After our lesson we will Teens will play a Jack Box game of their choosing and the middlers will play Bingo, you will need your green Bingo card.

Before Sunday

There are two activities, the first is for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) youth and the second one is for white identifying youth.

BIPOC Identifying Youth:

This is a solitary activity, but your family is encouraged to find time for their self-care as well-

Listen to the For the Wild podcast featuring Tricia Hersey. Tricia Hersey, also referred to as the Nap Bishop, founded the Nap Ministry which focuses on the importance of rest for Black, Indigenous, & People of Color.  

After listening, create a sacred nap space for yourself. Grab pillows, blankets, create a fort if you would like, gather any aromatherapy items if you feel so moved, set the lighting to a level you are comfortable with, put on music, a meditation, white noise, or bask in the silence. It is your space, build it how it will best serve you. Grab a glass of water and a snack too.

Then, rest. Set an hour timer and check in with yourself after the timer goes off. Using your journal write down the feelings you have after napping/resting and plan to include rest in your daily schedule.

Podcast Episode-

White Identifying Youth:

Work with your family on this assignment-  

Read Peggy McIntosh’s article Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Using your journal, go through her list of items and notate which ones are in your invisible knapsack.

Working with your family identify two or three items that you can work at removing from your invisible knapsack. Create a list of action items that you and your family can take over the next month, six months, and year that will help you meet your goal of removing those items from your invisible knapsack.


Virtual RE Zoom Information:


Meeting ID: 869 7289 9462
Passcode: youthgroup

High School meets at 11:30am

Middle School meets at 2pm

First Principle

If you were not present during RE this past Sunday and would like to be a youth ambassador, please email me as soon as possible. We are working with the membership committee, WSA, and the tech team to get youth prepared to be a welcoming face on Sunday mornings.

YG and YAG Events

We had a wonderful first YG/YAG event last week! Thank you to everyone who attended and enjoyed the Princess Bride with us. Other upcoming YG/YAG opportunities include:

03/13 – Stargazing

03/28 – Fort Building Competition

These events are virtual.


The Reopening Task Force and the Board have approved our outdoor event! There is a limit of 10 youth participants and registration is required. Please use the registration link below to register your youth. If we hit ten registered youth, we will create a waitlist. If you register and are not able to make it, please let me know as soon as possible so that spot can be given to another youth.



Rayven Holmes  (she/her)

Youth Program Coordinator

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