Youth News 2/17/2021


This Sunday 

This Sunday you’ll need the paper cut-out person that is in your RE @ Home kit as well as markers, colored pencils, and any other craft supplies you’d like to use. Afterward, middlers and teens will have their choice of Jackbox Games to play.

Before Sunday

Take some time to read and listen to Ross Gay’s “To the Fig Tree on 9th and Christian” then sit down with your journal and reflect on how this poem demonstrates Beloved Community. Think of your own “fig story” or moment when you’ve felt cared and nurtured in our Beloved Community. Write that moment in your journal to share this Sunday during RE.  

*Language advisory: the author uses one profanity in the poem.



Virtual RE Zoom Information:


Meeting ID: 869 7289 9462
Passcode: youthgroup

High School meets at 11:30 a.m.

Middle School meets at 2 p.m.

First Principle

This past Sunday the middlers and teens discussed ways we could live the first principle in our communities.  The teens decided on holding several drives for clothing, games/electronics, and food over the course of the year. 

More information on that will be shared as they work out the details and we work with the Reopening Task Force to ensure that we are doing these safely. 

The middlers put their focus on our CVUU community and discussed ways we can be more open and inviting to newcomers.  Ideas including having special mugs for newcomers and a moment during service to acknowledge those who feel comfortable being highlighted as newcomers were shared. 

During COVID, the middlers will be able to begin their service project by being “Youth Ambassadors” during our Sunday morning worship.  They will work alongside membership, WSA, and the tech team to greet newcomers.

If you’re interested in being a Youth Ambassador (this is open to middlers and teens) let me know during Sunday RE. We’ll have time to discuss this further then as well.

YG and YAG Events

We had a wonderful first YG/YAG event last week! Thank you to everyone who attended and enjoyed the Princess Bride with us. Other upcoming YG/YAG opportunities include:

03/13 – Stargazing

03/28 – Fort Building Competition

These events are virtual.

Reach News

Our February meeting will be tomorrow, February 18th at 8 p.m. and we’ll be discussing parenting during the pandemic. Bring your frustrations, your victories, and a glass of wine if you need it while we pick through the year that has been and how to keep going as Covid hangs around like an unwanted houseguest. 

REACH Zoom Information: 

Zoom Link –

Meeting ID: 894 8637 4276

Passcode: reach


I’m currently working with the Reopening Task Force to plan an outdoor event for the youth group. Attendance will be limited with masks and social distancing requirements. Registration will be required to attend as well. Please keep an eye out for that email coming in the next week. 



Rayven Holmes  (she/her)

Youth Program Coordinator

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