Youth News 1/13/21


This Sunday, Teens will need their D&D sheets, we will flex our imagination and dive into the world our fabulous DM has created for us. Middlers will need to fill a basket with a collection of items found around their home. What goes into the box is up to you! We will use these items during RE to create a temporary self-portrait.  After our activity middlers will play a Jack Box game.

Before Sunday

Spend some time catching up on current events and observe the differences between when BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) protest and white supremacists. Discuss the differences with the adult(s) in your life. Then spend some time imagining an equal world. What would be different? How would that impact you and your family? How would it impact your friends and their families?  Write your thoughts in your journal and then make a list for yourself of five actions you can take this year to help make that world a reality.

Virtual RE Zoom Information:


Meeting ID: 869 7289 9462
Passcode: youthgroup

High School meets at 11 a.m.

Middle School meets at 2 p.m.

UU Wellspring for Youth 

Starting January 17th at 4 p.m., CVUU teens (14+) will have the opportunity to participate in a spiritual deepening program along with teens from NC. It will run for eight weeks and focus on the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism.  Youth will also be introduced to a new spiritual practice each week.  Our very own Rev. Viola Abbitt will be one of the co-facilitators!  If you are interested in participating, email me at so I can pass your information on to the facilitators.  Friday, January 15th is the last day to sign-up.  


Flaming Chalice Mosaic 

I have received six of the thirteen chalice squares that were sent out. Check-in with your youth to see if they have completed their square. If the square is complete you can mail them into CVUU or drop them in the RE mailbox (located on the cover porch). If you leave the square in the RE mailbox, please put it in a Ziplock bag to protect it from moisture.

Emails will go out Sunday afternoon to those whose squares are still missing.

RE @ Home Packages

Our next RE @ Home Package will go out the last week in January. 

REACH News- 

The next meeting of REACH will be Thursday, January 21st. Our focus will be Anti-Racist Parenting/Raising Anti-Racist Children. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Zoom Information:  

Link –

Meeting ID: 894 8637 4276
Passcode: reach

Rayven Holmes (she/her)

Youth Program Coordinator
(757) 627-5371

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