Update from the President

It was great seeing everyone at the folks at the “How We Have an Effect On Others” Service on Sunday. Many thanks to Lisa Kilczewski, Sally Daniel and Paul Greggs.

We have air purifiers in the sanctuary, social hall, classrooms and other spaces throughout the building. If you are unable to attend services in person please attend via Zoom. Welcome to all! As we continue to do more in person activities at CVUU with children, we are mindful of adjustments
that we need to make as we gather together in person. The nursery is open Sunday during the service. The CDC has just approved vaccines for children 4 and under on June 18 and vaccines are now available. On May 10 the Board adopted the following guidance for masking: Mindful that children 4 years of age and under are not yet able to be vaccinated for COVID and mindful that the value of having our RE program is crucially important to our beloved community, the CVUU Board is now requiring masking
for everyone inside the church building when children 4 and under are present. The intention of the CVUU Board is to remove this requirement 60 days after vaccines are available for those 4 and under.

Social Hall Update
The Building Council selected a vendor for our floor installation and a contract has been awarded!
Thanks to Robyn Thomas and Building Council team for pulling this together. Thanks to the many generous donors who have contributed to the Floor Fund! We will keep you updated on the installation schedule.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Board is looking for volunteers to serve on the Finance and Nominating Committees. Now is a great time to get plugged in. We also want to establish a Personnel Committee and are looking for volunteers for that as well.
If you are interested in discussing any of these, please email me and we can setup a time to discuss.

Thank you,


Steve Ciganek