Update from Our President

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, please come to the 1100 service and say hello! It has been wonderful seeing all the “New” members – many who joined during while we were forced to meet virtually in person during the worst of the pandemic. Great seeing our long-time members that have
been returning to worship in the Sanctuary and Zoom.

As we continue to do more in person activities at CVUU, we are mindful of adjustments that we need to make as we gather together in person. We are starting to resume in person Children’s Religious Education and the nursery is open Sunday during the service. Mindful that children 4 years of age and under are not yet able to be vaccinated for COVID and mindful that the value of having our RE program is crucially important to our beloved community, the CVUU Board is now requiring masking for everyone inside the church building when children 4 and under are present. The intention of the CVUU Board is to remove this requirement 60 days after vaccines are available for those 4 and under.

We have air purifiers in the sanctuary, social hall, classrooms and other spaces throughout the building. If you are unable to attend in person please attend via Zoom. We have one service at 1100 – we are all together at the same time – in person and Zooming from the Sanctuary! It is good to be together.
Welcome to all!


CVUU is currently at 63% of our 455,000.00 FY23 Pledge goal. If you haven’t pledged, please do so now. Consider increasing the percentage that you give this year so that CVUU can fully support all of our existing budget items and proposed for the new year. This year’s Stewardship Committee consists of
Brian Schiller and David Hutcheson with support from the Minister, Board and Finance Committee. It’s two parts – we make a pledge to fund our church and then we fulfill our pledge by paying. If you haven’t
pledged for July 01, 2022 – June 30, 2023 please use the link in the Courier, Webpage or Facebook Page.

A reminder for folks to continue to fulfill their pledge commitment for this fiscal year – which ends June 30th.

I had some great questions on pledging recently – how much should I give?
Here’s a link to the UUA Fair Share Contribution Guide.

It explains various levels of pledging. Thank you for pledging so that we may continue to do all the great things we want to do as a congregation.

I will keep you updated and you will continue to see updates on the CVUU Website, Facebook Page and Courier.

My Asks

If you are eligible for a covid vaccination, please comply with the CDC guidance – get vaccinated and booster shots. There are recent updates for boosters. The evidence is that if you have done this and are infected with Covid, the effects and symptoms are fewer. We want to reduce risk to our community – those that have compromised health, those that cannot get vaccines for health reasons and children.

Please schedule rooms with the Office Administrator. The Church calendar is on the website. Please let Susie know if you are no longer meeting or need to update the calendar. Please send your committee and group representatives to attend the Program Council and Building Council meetings. As we think about being in-person, we have a great opportunity to “Begin Again”. We don’t need to go back to doing things the same way by default. Consider hybrid meetings for those that can’t make in person – Zoom or even just using the low-tech phone part.

Thank you,

Steve Ciganek