Sept. 2, 2020

Dear Ones,

This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend.  What a conflicting time this is as many of us struggle with the demands placed upon us by employers wanting us to be in a physical workspace that might not be safe, and others of us who want to engage in work, any work at all, but cannot.

Labor Day also marks the official end of summer and the return to school. Again, a situation that presents enormous conflict, because this was a summer like no other for almost all of us. And we can all probably say that the same will be true for the coming school year, as teachers, students and parents approach it with trepidation.

While we can mourn the loss of what we should have had but didn’t, we can hold in our hearts the memory of what once was, and put our trust in the belief . . . the desire . . .  the hope . . .  that there will be better days ahead.  Our theme for this month is renewal.  May our wish for a better future help to renew us in the face of all that can be so disheartening if we choose to let it be.

So, as an ode the passing of the summer season and the anticipation of what comes next, here is an oldie but goodie. This will be a trip down memory lane for some of us and a new discovery for the rest, Sly and the Family Stone giving us the classic “Hot Fun in the Summertime,”

Relax and enjoy.

In peace and love,
Rev. Viola

Rev. Viola Abbitt
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