Second Sunday Collection

By Jannie Marvel

A woman’s choice of how she cares for her body, defined as “Reproductive Rights,” is under siege. For now, the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood (VLPP)  is offering all its services.

On June 12, our Second Sunday collection will be given to VLPP in Virginia Beach. Since 1942, its mission has been to offer local women education and resources to “prevent unplanned pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). “

VLPP, located at 515 Newtown Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462, also provides comprehensive primary care with an emphasis on reproductive care, as well as sex education programs and community advocacy across the Hampton Roads region and beyond.

The donations from this fund are used to help women who may have no or inadequate medical insurance for services from birth control to make their own reproductive choices.


Twenty-four-year-old Maya said,  “The reason I love the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood so much is I always receive the same great care whether I have insurance or not. I am taken seriously, and my questions and concerns matter here. VLPP is necessary … I feel comfortable coming here for all my health issues.”                                                                                                   


Filmed by Joss Whedon in support of Planned Parenthood. UNLOCKED highlights the vital role Planned Parenthood health centers play in the lives of millions of women in communities nationwide. The video follows three different women through critical moments in their lives—and brings to the forefront what the world would look like if attempts to shut down Planned Parenthood succeed.

This video is pretty emotional.


The second is a testimonial, and is about a college woman finding out she has ovarian cancer.


The third is the actual impact that defunding Planned Parenthood will have on all of us.


            Checks should be made out to: The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood

Memo Line: Unrestricted Fund