Booking Zoom: Rules of the road

As a wise woman (Rev. Justine) said at a staff meeting, scheduling on our professional Zoom account is like sharing the family car!

So, we have to have some road rules. Please be sure and give us at least 48 hours notice for scheduling Zoom meetings. Moving forward we will be making both the CVUU worship and CVUU CREC accounts available to our members as time and scheduling allows. Worship/Board-related and Religious Education-related meetings will take precedent.

FYI, for groups who have not already booked a recurring meetings, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days on Zoom for our congregation and are nearly fully booked on the CVUU worship account. The CREC account will be used as a backup only and will not be available on the following days: Sundays, the first Saturday of the month and the first Wednesday of the month.

We would encourage you to host small gatherings on your own Zoom accounts as many of our CVUU groups are already doing. There is an easy work-around on the 40-minute time limit on a basic free account – just schedule 2 back-to-back meetings if you think you will need more time and send both meeting IDs to your participants. Think of it as a scheduled bathroom break!

To book a Zoom Meeting, contact us at Please put “Booking a Zoom Meeting” in the subject line.