RE Happenings 2/24/21

When it comes to Beloved Community, we focus on creating a place where wounds are healed and wrongs are righted. Our faith has taken up this work and called on UUs to build a world without racism. A large part of that is creating new ways of being together, but we also need to focus on healing old and existing wounds that linger. So, what is one of the ways our faith guides us into becoming a people of Beloved Community? It says, “Acknowledge and heal the wounds that racism has caused.”

During virtual RE, we showed pictures of band aids, which can be put on a cut. Unfortunately, there is no band aid for racism.  People are treated differently based on the color of their skin and these different standards are unfair. They have caused wounds to people of color. Unfairness and racism are part of the history of Black people in this country, as well as the histories of people from other races like Latinx, Native American, and Asian. Since this is Black History Month, we are especially thinking about racism involving African Americans. We shared a short story from a Black man named Dr. Nathaniel K. Jones. This happened when he was 7 years old: “You can’t be Hans Solo [from Star Wars] …you’re black.” It hit me out of nowhere. I was so confused. I mean, my skin was certainly darker than anyone else in the group, but since when was that going to stop the game about space aliens? I assumed they sensed my confusion and offered me the role as Lando instead, because “…he looked more like you.” It was the day that my mother explained racism to me.”  

 Three of the ways to heal: 

  • Notice our differences and celebrate them.
  • Say “I see what’s happening and it’s not fair” – do not let the wound continue to happen.
  • Fix the systems that cause personal wounds.

We also shared some of the ways CVUU is making an effort to heal the wound of racism by facilitating the following programs:

  • Racial Justice Committee
  • Black Caucus Committee
  • Social Justice Committee
  • Living the Pledge to End Racism
  • Second Sunday recipients like the Transgender Assistance Program
  • We are one of the churches to affirm the eighth principal that addresses anti-racism work.

What can we do?  Be present in the moment.

Children’s Chalice Chapel begins at 9:45 AM on Sundays and is usually done around 10:15 AM.  Sometimes we go a little longer due to having too much fun.  We are always done in time for the church service at 10:30 AM.

Here are the Zoom link and password to get in.

We Need RE Chalice Lighters: Please ask your child to take a turn and light your chalice during the RE service.   Email to sign your child up. 

We Also Need Chalice Lighters for the CVUU Service:   Would you consider having your family or children lighting the chalice?  CVUU is asking for chalice lighters to light the chalice during our regular church service.  We would like for you to record it if you can or light the chalice live if you want.  Recorded sessions could be used for both Re sessions and the church service.  

Children’s Sunday School Registration:  Please register your children for the Religious Education 2020-21 year.  You can do so just by scanning the QR code below.

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Paul Greggs

Director of Religious Education

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