RE Happenings 2/17/2021

Our faith is an expansive one. We asserted that all people have goodness in them. That’s why we have “Universalism” in our name, Unitarian Universalists. The Universalists believed in “universal salvation” or universal goodness. This call of universalism was a call to continually
expand our love to wider and wider circles (like ripples after a stone is thrown into a pond) until all of humanity is embraced. One of the ways our faith guides us into becoming a people of Beloved Community is to grow our love beyond boundaries. Our children came up with ideas of how they can show love to others in our community. These ideas are: donating clothes that don’t fit anymore, donating games and toys that are not played with anymore, and donating food items. In the next couple of months, the youth group will be organizing such drives to give directly to families in need. So, stay tuned there is more to come.

This month’s Soul Matters-commissioned mindfulness moment and discussion by Lea Morris, “Part of Me,” would be a good one to learn and share with your family when love abounds. Here is the YouTube link:

Lea’s first verse is “Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, All are Part of Me.” Use these words for the metric, and as a “zipper song” to create a song that is all-inclusive. In other words, ask the children who are in their family and sing it, i.e. “Momma, Mother, Stuart, Autumn” or “Katie, Mark, Big Jade plant, Dogger” or “Grandma, Aunt Bell, Nora, Carol.” If you have only two people, include animals, plants as well as things you love. It may be easier to recite the names of family members rather than roles. Then, add the “community ripples” and sing about each ripple:

  1. Family (Sing Family Members, pets] then “They are all a part of me”
  2. Close friends and extended family. [Sing friends’ names or extended family] then “They are all a part of me”
  3. Our neighborhood [Sing neighbor names] then “They are all a part of me”
  4. Our CVUU church family, and school, teams, and clubs [Sing church and school names] then “They are all a part of me”
  5. Next … town or city [Sing about townspeople] then “They are all a part of me”
  6. Next … our state [Sing about favorite people and places in the state – beach, river, forest, and prairie] then “They are all a part of me”
  7. Next … our country [Sing favorite people and places in your country] then “They are all a part of me”
  8. World community! [Sing favorite people and places in the world] then “They are all a part of me” Finish with the rest of the song.

Children’s Chalice Chapel begins at 9:45 AM on Sundays and is usually done around 10:15 AM.  Sometimes we go a little longer due to having too much fun. We are always done in time for the church service at 10:30 AM.
Here are the Zoom link and password to get in.

We Need RE Chalice Lighters: Please ask your child to take a turn and light your chalice during the RE service.   Email to sign your child up. 

We Also Need Chalice Lighters for the CVUU Service:   Would you consider having your family or children lighting the chalice?  CVUU is asking for chalice lighters to light the chalice during our regular church service.  We would like for you to record it if you can or light the chalice live if you want.  Recorded sessions could be used for both Re sessions and the church service.  

Children’s Sunday School Registration:  Please register your children for the Religious Education 2020-21 year.  You can do so just by scanning the QR code below.

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Paul Greggs

Director of Religious Education

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