‘ProFuture Faith’ group will explore science and faith

We will have a new weekly discussion group at CVUU this fall based on a video course,”ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home.”

The group will meet on Thursday nights, Sept. 5— Oct. 24, from 7-8:30 p.m. The eight-session DVD-based course features eco-theologian author and TEDx speaker Rev. Michael Dowd. It will include short supplemental readings that bridge the gap between head and heart, science and faith.

Dowd says, “Having “squandered our inheritance on profligate living,” we are a prodigal species. Industrial civilization and our insatiable appetites have us hurtling toward irreversible consequences – not in some distant future, but right now. The good news is it’s not too late.

Dowd says participants will be guided on a journey “that accepts what is inevitable, avoids what is futile, and be inspired to attend to what is urgent.”

The series has two parts with four sub-sections each:

Part 1 – Coming Home to Reality
1) Un-Trivializing God – Reality as Thou
2) The Purpose of Religion and Necessity of Science
3) The Epic of Evolution – A Cosmic Timeline
4) Thus Sayeth Reality – What is Inevitable; What is Needed

Part 2 – Practical Wisdom
5) Thus Sayeth Reality – What is Futile; What is Urgent
6) Why We Struggle – Un-Trivializing Mythic Wisdom
7) Impermanence and Death as Sacred – Embracing Limits
8) Staying Sane, Sober and Inspired in Contracting Times
The basic format for each 1.5-hour session will  include conversation around the readings, a 20-minute video presentation from Rev. Michael Dowd, and guided group discussion.

If you are interested in learning more and/or registering for this group, please contact Steve Hansen at steve.hansen2@verizon.net or (757) 641-5770.

To watch a video trailer of “ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home,” click here: