Oct. 31, 2018

Dear Members and Friends of Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists:

Rebecca Parker writes that when people come to a church,

they come looking for the well-spring, for healing and refreshing water. They come looking for quietness lit with fire, for a sanctuary of peace, and a welcome table spread for all.”

Someone provided that well-spring for each of us, for each of you, delighting in your arrival and welcoming you fully into the life of this community. Last Sunday, we welcomed seven new members into our congregation, and there are more who so want to be a part of this “sanctuary of peace” and this “welcome table.” May we always have room for one more.

On Monday evening I attended a beautiful service of memory at Ohef Shalom for the 11 killed in Pittsburgh on Saturday 10/27. At one point one of the worship leaders asked who all was attending from outside the congregation, and at least half, maybe two thirds of those present in the packed worship space rose. It was a beautiful moment of community, of solidarity. There we were all together – Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Unitarian Universalist, young and old, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual — all joined in solidarity and in a desire for connection and community, a “quietness lit with fire.”

This is the world we all long for, where we comfort one another in times of sorrow and cheer each other on in times of triumph. Must it take a tragedy for us to behold and hold one another? We Unitarian Universalists know how to do this, how to hold space for difference and for unity beyond difference. Let us remember that, and let us lead the way. We know who we are and who we can be at our best. May it be so.


The Reverend Justine Sullivan
Interim Minister, Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists