Mid-Winter news!

Thank you for attending the Mid-winter meeting. I’d like to provide you a brief overview on the meeting.

The Minister Search Team is very excited, very excited about their search for a new settled Minister for CVUU! After interviewing several candidates, they have chosen a Minister that they think is best for us. The next steps are: making that person an offer in early April and having the proposed Minister visit with us from April 26 through May 3. We will get to know each other, and the Minister will preach a sermon on April 26 and May 3. On May 3 the entire congregation will have a discussion after the service and decide on the Minister. The process for that decision will be forwarded to you prior to May.

Since we are a little more than half-way through this fiscal year, Mark Pryor, Treasurer, reviewed the status of the FY 20 CVUU budget with us. He provided pie charts showing our expenses and revenues to date. Our pledges are coming in as planned and our expenses are on track.

The preparation of the FY 21 CVUU Budget is well underway with estimates of operating and staff expenses and the committees submitting their requests. The CVUU Board’s Goals for this year are: children’s programs, maintaining our staff, building and grounds operation and maintenance, Fair Share contribution to UUA, supporting our committees, welcoming our new minister, and fundraising activities for our new Social Hall. David Howell also provided an overview of the Hague School and how its loan payments provide revenue for CVUU. As you know, the primary income source to meet our budget needs is your pledges. They keep the whole church and its programs running. The Stewardship Campaign for FY 21 will kick off in early March and run through mid-April. Eric Sullivan is the lead for the Stewardship Team. Watch for a letter from them.

The first two phases of new Social Hall are clearing out all the items we have in storage there and getting the bids from contractors to do the renovation. These steps are well underway. The 4th and 5th graders have been meeting in the social hall area. Now they have a new classroom on the third floor. We’re re-organizing some existing spaces to provide more room for storage. Robyn Thomas is collecting bids from contractors so we have a solid cost estimated for the renovation. A fundraising idea from Sally Daniel—when we take down the walls, sell swings of the sledge hammer to any of us who wants to give it a try.

The Poor People’s Campaign applied to become an Affiliate member of CVUU under the Board-adopted policy and in compliance with the Bylaws. Thank you for casting your vote in CVUU’s democratic process. The congregation voted to approve the affiliate status for the Poor People’s Campaign. Read more about it here: https://www.c-vuu.org/welcome-to-our-new-affiliate/

Anne Odell, President