Meet our Stewardship Chair!

Dear fellow CVUU Community Members,
I feel honored to have been chosen as the 2020-2021 Stewardship Chair.  I look forward to an enjoyable, brief, yet very impactful, month-long Stewardship campaign beginning on Commitment Sunday, March 15. The notion of church stewardship often conjures up thoughts of money, budget, mortgage payment, operating expenses, utilities, etc.  However, I try to view stewardship at CVUU, not as an annual event, but as a year-round mindset of nurturing and growth.
This includes individual spiritual growth, growth in our church community, as well as growth in love, caring, compassion, and generosity.  Viewed in this regard, stewardship becomes a natural extension of our already established core principles and beliefs. We celebrate our individualism, yet share in the practice and promotion of deep feelings of love and generosity toward others.  In order for our community to thrive and grow, we need to apply a similar intensity of love and generosity to our faith.
For me, a transcript of a sermon by UU minister Darcy Roake, provides clarity.  To paraphrase, she states that sometimes we put too much emphasis on our expectations of the church, rather than how we may best meet those of the church.  For example, we may feel that our church community is not sufficiently meeting our individual spiritual needs, or that it is not focusing enough on a particular social justice issue, the environment, etc.  These feelings are natural, however, she reminds us that if we stay focused on expressing love and generosity toward our faith, in addition to one another, then our community can reach boundless heights.
I welcome everyone on our journey upward!
Eric Sullivan