May 8, 2019

Q: How many Unitarian Universalists does it take to make a congregation flourish and grow?

A: All of them!

Ok, so not the most original opening, but I hope it conveys what I hope to convey, that it takes all of you to make CVUU run.  As I write this we are nearing the end of our annual stewardship drive, and many of you have made generous pledges of financial support for the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1st.  There are still a number of you out there who have not yet pledged.  Our finance team counts on our pledges to develop the church budget, so if you haven’t pledged yet, please do so right away.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that make it difficult to pledge (a job loss or some unexpected expense).  If that is the case for you and you can’t pledge this year, just let a member of the stewardship team* know so we know to stop asking for this year.  

If you are planning to pledge (and I assume that applies to most of you out there who haven’t yet pledged), this would be a great time to take care of that so your leaders can finalize the budget (and sleep better at night!). This is our first year in this new space and with new expenses.  We are confident that we can meet those new expenses, but we need to wrap up this pledge drive to be absolutely sure.

I have seen your generosity in action, not just in terms of “treasure” but a generosity of spirit with your time, the sharing of your gifts with this community of faith.  You bring each other meals and offer prayers for healing. You teach and care for each other’s children. You sing in the choir, pull up poison ivy, plant trees and flowers and shrubs, put up tents, tables, and chairs; welcome the newcomer.  Blessings abound in this new home of ours. Let’s make sure we all do our share to make sure that CVUU is here not only for those of us here now but all those who would find us, who long for a spiritual home. We are here to abet creation, that interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Peace and love to you,


Rev. Justine Sullivan
Interim Minister, CVUU
T 757-627-5371
C 508-662-0279


*The CVUU Stewardship team is:

Rob Curran (chair), Perry Duncan, Ellie Fetterly, Mark Fetterly, Jennifer Foss, David Howell, Paul Moss (Treasurer), Joe New, Garland Tillery, Rev. Justine Sullivan