May 1, 2019

Dear Ones,

It’s hard to keep up, isn’t it, with all the shootings and other acts of hatred around the world and in our own communities.  As I write this, I am reeling from the news about a campus shooting at UNC Charlotte, not so far from us. Two lives lost. Many, many lives forever changed.  Even though thoughts and prayers are not enough; let us hold all those students, teachers, staff, and all their loved ones in our hearts. We must find a way to do better, to make it difficult (my preference would be impossible) for people to get their hands on guns when they are in a state of rage, intent on doing harm for whatever reason.

I am writing this to you from my home in Massachusetts, where Dale, Callie and I are spending the week together.  What a beautiful day we had together this past Sunday. I am still beaming with pride at all you have accomplished, and it felt good to pause and say “yippee!” and “thank you” and “amen.”  And most importantly, to say, “welcome, come on in.” Y’all were magnificent!

This weekend I will attend a friend’s ordination on Martha’s Vineyard.   Callie and I will make the trip back to Norfolk on Monday. She is becoming quite the little traveler!  

Peace and love to you,