Why Mike

In early April 2017, the congregation purchased 809 South Military Road in Virginia Beach to develop as the congregation's new home. The new space is the former engineering offices of Sanska, one of the contractors developing the Chesapeake  Bay Bridge Tunnel connecting Virginia Beach to the Virginia Eastern Shore. The building occupies a large natural setting offering good parking and space for many congregation activities that we cannot hold at 739 Yarmouth. The images below give an impression of the building and site.

  • To avoid confusion, the sacred space team gave each candidate property a designator. 809 South Military was designated Mike, the phonetic alphabet for the letter "M". Mike is brought to you by the letter M.
  • Mike is centrally located.
  • Mike has adequate size
  • Mike has good "bones", that is, is structurally sound and structured to make remodeling as a worship facility easy.
  • Mike is out of the storm surge flood plane. Although in zone A, properties at similar elevation across Military Highway are in zone C. The building proper and car park is at zone C elevation.

Site view from the south

This view shows our building as seen from the driveway. Camera is at the south end of the driveway looking northward toward the building and the grove beyond it. The main car park lies to the north of the building and to the west of the driveway.

Front Elevation

This image shows the front elevation of our new building. The front of the building has religious education spaces to the south, a central parlor, and office spaces to the north. The sanctuary occupies the eastern part of the main building.

The Courtyard Entrance

This image shows the original courtyard located behind the front wing and the sanctuary wing. The original walk is on grade and leads to a small porch. The remodeled building will replace the walk with an accessible ramp and a large vestibule Narthex space giving entry to the sanctuary and the parlor.

Site Plan

This image shows the site plan with elevations. The car park and building meet our selection criteria of being 12 feet above sea level. This places the developed property in evacuation Zone C but the wet land adjoining the tidal creek is designated Zone A. The properties on the east side of Military Highway are designated as Zone C.

Present plans for the site are to edit the landscaping to give a cleaner look and to add tasteful signage at the street.