Help the pollinators!

Your lawn can support dandelions, clover, and many other pollinators.  By delaying your first mowing of the season you can help the pollinators out when blooms are scarce.  Here are some tips to a healthier lawn:

  1.  Use a mulching mower with a nice sharp blade; those clippings will provide nitrogen for growth and will conserve moisture.  Let your lawn feed itself; use a mulching mower!
  2.  Water wisely; buy a rain gauge and only water when you need to.  A good soaking every week or 10 days is how Mother Nature does it, so let her. Put your sprinkler system on manual.
  3.  Wait to see how your lawn is doing before you apply fertilizer.  Fertilizer forces rapid growth so you have to mow more often, and runoff threatens marine life in rivers and streams.
  4.  Reduce the amount of lawn and you’ll really help the environment.  An easy way to do this is to start by increasing the size of your shrub borders and tree rings.  The tree ring can be as wide as the tree and should be expanded as the trees grow. By reducing lawn, you can make room for native plants for the birds and the bees.  Lawn grass is a desert as far as they’re concerned.

And lastly as an allergy sufferer— less grass means less grass pollen!  All Good!

Hope you are having a wonderful spring that lifts your spirits up to the sky.  Bless.

Barbara for the Environmental Initiative

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