Greetings from Abundant LUUv

Dearest “Rev. Justine” Sullivan, Members and Friends,

I am writing in gratitude for your support of our work and our calling to plant Abundant Love Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Abundant LUUv) and our liberal faith in the West End community of Atlanta. We are so happy to be in covenant with congregations such as Coastal Virginia UU that seek to recognize and deepen our relationship. Thank you.

ln February of this year, 2020, we will celebrate two years of worship and community building in the West End. We are located southwest of downtown Atlanta and just south of l-20. We are in the heart of an African American neighborhood that was established post-1960’s racial integration. lt is now a thriving and diverse place to be. lt is changing quickly and we at Abundant LUUv think that we have arrived soon enough to form a predominately people-of-color  congregation that is still open to all.

We have participated in neighborhood festivals and we are members of the WEND (West-end Neighborhood Development), our neighborhood association. We worship in the Hammonds House Museum, an African American cultural haven. Our relationship with the Hammonds House Museum has been wonderful and we have been welcomed as part of their on-going community of individuals and organizations doing good work in the West End.
We are an emerging congregation, humble but strong and committed to our task of providing an open and accepting place where people may be authentic. Our presence is becoming better known and we even had a retiree walk to be with us from her new home in a senior high rise.
This is our dream, to be that community centered.
We have experienced much success with worship. We celebrated our inaugural worship service and first anniversary with Rev. Sherman Logan from the Richmond UU church. We have also had the joy of support from several ministers in the Atlanta Cluster and the local congregations.
We are again most grateful for your generosity and desire to grow our faith. Your assistance will help us do that and do what we can with more resilience and boldness.

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