The UUA theme includes an image Carousel. The Carousel shows a sequence of images in a widget area on a page. The home page carousel is a widget in the Home1 sidebar. This is the first layout block below the page content.

  1. To add an image to the carousel, use the Add Posts type New Carousel Image
  2. Set the title. Keep it short so it fits
  3. Pick the image from the media gallery. Add it if needed.
  4. Set the image category
  5. Set the Image Link URL

The Carousel plugin can support multiple image Carousel instances but has only one set of content. The instance uses the post category to determine images from the Carousel Image posts to show. We have 3 categories in use, Homepage, 809 Military, and Children’s RE. Choose the Homepage category for images to appear on the homepage carousel.

The Image Link URL is a link to an internal or external web page to be displayed when the image is clicked. When set, a Read More tab appears on the bottom of the image. This particular feature is not well documented. It may be mentioned in the UUA theme instructions for the home page.