Dec. 24, 2019

Lully, Lulay, thou little tiny child. Bye bye, Lully, Lulay.

~ Coventry Carol

I’ve always loved that Christmas Carol, and yet it is quite jarring to juxtapose a lullaby with the story of King Herod ordering the execution of all children under the age of two, so fearful was he of the birth of this child, whom some hailed as the true king of the Jewish people. Herrod was a grown man, very powerful, with armies at his command and yet was terrified of a tiny child. I never thought I would be able to relate such an ancient story to modern times and yet … aren’t we seeing similar acts of cruelty against families, including those with young children? Couples separated from each other and from their children at the border, detained in facilities so crowded that people have to take turns lying down to rest. Such cruelty happening not 2000 years ago in a far-off land, but right here and right now.

Into this time of worry and woe, comes a moment to pause and remember the simplest values of human connection and companionship. Coming in from the cold, lighting candles in the dark, singing and praying together, reminding each other of our deepest commitments. Let us be grateful in this holiday season for all that we have – far beyond material wealth. Those of us who have a faith community such as this, the one that you, dear CVUU-ers make and re-make every day, are indeed wealthy beyond measure.

Happy Holidays, one and all. I look forward to all the new year holds for us and to continuing our work together to make the world more generous, more just, and more peaceful.

May it be so,

Rev. Justine Sullivan
Interim Minister, CVUU
T 757-627-5371
C 508-662-0279