Dec. 18, 2019

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know….”

So many of the secular Christmas songs have a touch of melancholy in them.  Longing for the return to an earlier, more innocent time with visions of children and sugar plums dancing.  At this time of year, especially, we pray for peace on earth while all around us violence and injustice continue to exist, seemingly unchecked.  As I write this, the United States Congress is debating articles of Impeachment, and the two “sides” have never seemed further apart.

Into this time of turmoil and busy-ness and strife comes the birth of a child.  Nothing draws our attention like the presence of a baby. You’ve noticed it in restaurants, subway cars, and department stores; even the most serious adult among us is warmed by the presence of an infant.  We smile and murmur, play peek-a-boo, and drop everything to engage with a little one. And so, of course, the symbol of hope, the promise of peace, the reminder to love one another would come to us in the form of a tiny child.

Not everyone experiences the Christmas season as merry and bright, and we cannot know who might be hurting at this time of year, missing absent loved ones or worrying about the year ahead.  Let us be gentle with ourselves and each other, and may we all make space in our hearts for the spirit of a child.

Blessings of this Holiday season to you all,


Rev. Justine Sullivan
Interim Minister, CVUU
T 757-627-5371
C 508-662-0279