Corona Virus Update

March 13, 2020

Beloveds of CVUU:

I’m sure you are all watching and listening to news about the rapid spread of this new virus.  As hard as it is to be apart from each other while we are dealing with all this uncertainty, your board and I have decided that the wise thing to do is to suspend all in-person activity, including worship, at CVUU through the month of March.  This is a decision made with great deliberation by your lay leaders and me. Given how easily this virus can be spread, the long incubation period without symptoms, and the potential for it to be quite dangerous to older folks and those with pre-existing challenges to their immune systems; avoiding large gatherings of people in enclosed spaces is the wise and recommended course of action.

Our challenge, yours and mine, is to continue to be connected to one another even though we cannot be together in one location.

We will hold Sunday worship at our usual time of 10:30 on Facebook Live from our CVUU Facebook page  I have heard from many of you that Rev. Charlie offered worship via Facebook when rising water on the Hague or an unusually snowy winter made meeting in person difficult, so we have some familiarity with this platform. For those who cannot watch in real time, the video will remain on our page for 48 hours. For those of you who don’t have computers or who are not part of Facebook, I am working with our Caring Team and Lay Pastoral Care team to make sure that we all stay connected to each other by whatever means we can — while we are unable to be in each other’s physical presence.

We have a ZOOM account, which we will make available to groups and committees so that meetings can continue on line.  If you want to schedule a meeting via ZOOM, email me (, and I will assist you with that.

What I need from you:

  1. Stay home if you can.  Avoid large gatherings of people when you do go out.

  2. Continue the good health hygiene practices we have been talking about:

  • Wash your hands

  • Get plenty of  sleep

  • Eat good, nourishing food, including fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible

  • Hydrate

  1. Stay informed but don’t overdo it.

Choose one or two sources of information about the virus, but don’t spend too much time focused on bad news.

  1. Use this time to catch up on activities you enjoy: read books, listen to music, watch television you enjoy.  Play your ukulele! Knit that sweater, make delicious food. Call your friends, and keep reaching out to each other.

I am here for all of you, and I know you will continue to care for each other.  We just have to offer that care in creative ways that keep us all safe.

Dale is home in Massachusetts and is fine.  Most of her community activities have already been canceled.  Callie and I are here and also doing fine. We will get through this, and we will all be back together again soon.

Your board and I will continue to share information as it becomes available.

Please join me in online worship this Sunday morning at 10:30.  It will be good to be together, even virtually.

Peace and Love to you all,

Rev Justine Sullivan
Interim Minister
Coastal Virginia Unitarian Universalists (CVUU)
T 757-627-5371 x3