Caring for our Beloved CVUU

We were able to move to this building through the generous gifts and sacrifices of our members. We do not have a full-time housekeeper or any paid maintenance help. Other than 15 hours of paid housekeeping per week, the building is maintained by volunteers. No one is here to clean up after those folks and groups using the building. We all must accept responsibility and commit to keeping the building clean and in good repair. Please be part of the life of this community by pitching in. 
Read our Building Guide – it gives general information about building access, how to reserve space for activities or meetings, how to care for our building and where to find things.   Please save it for future use.  You will also find printed copies in the Janitor’s Closets,  Kitchen, Mail Room and RE Storage Room.   Thank you for your help and support.   Please send suggestions and offers to help to contacting Judy Welp.

Your Housekeeping Team