Calling all GA Delegates!

Contact Rev. Justine by Tuesday, February 18 if you would like to serve as a delegate to this year’s GA in Providence, Rhode Island.
Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly 2020
June 24-28
Providence, Rhode Island

General Assembly is where we conduct the business of our Unitarian Universalist Association of congregations. We decide on actions of immediate witness, bylaw changes and amendments, and we elect officers and committee members. We also hear from our leaders, connect with each other, engage in soulful worship, and learn from each other in workshops and trainings. CVUU is committed to participating as fully as we can in General Assembly and to that end, make a substantial financial investment so that members wishing to serve as delegates can do so. Each congregation is allotted delegates proportional to the number of members in their congregation.

This year CVUU will be allotted five delegates who can vote on matters that come before the general assembly during plenary sessions, usually a few hours of each day during GA. CVUU will cover the cost of GA registration for all delegates and will contribute up to $500.00 for the cost of housing and travel.

Selecting GA Delegates

All are welcome and invited to attend General Assembly, held in a different city each year. It is an uplifting experience. This year GA will be held in Providence, Rhode Island. Many people from CVUU are planning to attend GA this year and are looking into chartering a bus to Providence. If you wish to serve as a delegate from CVUU, there are some things we ask of you.

A member of CVUU who wishes to serve as a congregational delegate at GA shall apply by submitting a letter of interest or the attached form, confirming the items listed below, no later than Tuesday, February 18 th , 2020.

To serve as a CVUU delegate, an applicant must:

  • Be a member of CVUU as defined in the CVUU Bylaws;
  • Commit to register by March 15 to attend GA (in person or as an off-site delegate).
  • Register by March 15 to get early discount;
  • Commit to attend (including virtual attendance) substantive GA plenary sessions, i.e., sessions at which substantive votes will be taken, barring unforeseen circumstances;
  • Commit to review the tentative GA Business Agenda when it becomes available, and to read supporting documents or reports to ensure the applicant is prepared to make informed decisions on the matters presented during plenary sessions;
  • Commit to review the final agenda when it becomes available and to read supporting documents or reports for any new items not included in the tentative GA agenda, as time permits;
  • Commit, if selected, to vote in accordance with any congregational vote or Board direction concerning UUA Agenda items, (Business Resolutions and Congregational Study Action Issues), and otherwise to commit to vote one’s conscience as to what best supports the mission of CVUU and the UUA;
  • Meet with the Board after GA to discuss the experience of being a congregational delegate at GA, with particular emphasis upon any GA vote(s) (e.g. Actions of Immediate Witness) made in accordance with any CVUU congregational vote or Board direction and/or any GA vote(s) made on the basis of one’s conscience when the missions of the CVUU and the UUA were found to be in conflict.
  • Work with the Board and Minister after GA to share information about GA with the congregation in worship and/or other congregational gatherings.

Application Process
1. Applicants wishing to serve as CVUU delegates must apply by submitting a letter of interest by Tuesday February 18 to Rev. Justine at Please include” GA Delegate” in the subject line. Just include a word or two about why you wish to attend.

2. Applicants who meet the requirements and commitments set forth in the section above will be considered;

3. The Board, or a task force designated by the Board, shall recommend applicants to serve as delegates for the congregation giving preference to those attending in person. The Board, or a task force delegated by the Board, may interview applicants. The Board’s selection of applicants to serve as delegates shall be final, provided that the Board may appoint a substitute delegate in the event another selectee is unable to attend GA.