Board Bits – Sept. 30, 2020

CVUU Board meeting minutes are typically available upon request from the CVUU Board Secretary (Ken Saucer) or Congregational Administrator (Susie Gullixson), approximately 30 days after the date of the Board meeting.

The CVUU Board of Directors met on Thursday September 17, 2020. The CVUU Board of Directors meets every month on Zoom during COVID-19 circumstances. The meeting is the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. The meeting is open for congregants to observe. Congregants who want to present something to the Board must notify CVUU Board President Anne Odell prior to the meeting, so it can be included on the agenda.

It was a very productive meeting. Three main items were discussed:

Tasha Dockery presented a proposal for CVUU CUUPS to become an official CUUPS chapter. CVUU CUUPS would be listed on the national CUUPS website and be able to utilize resources available to official CUUPS chapters. The application asks for 2 items:

Authorization from the minister and/or board of the host congregation(s) to form a CUUPS chapter and operate as part of the congregation(s) AND

A covenant between the chapter and the hosting congregation(s)

CUUPS would like the Board to recognize their proposed covenant:

CUUPS at CVUU will provide regular Sabbat gatherings as well as meetings to educate and inform those with an interest in Earth-centered spiritual practices.

CVUU CUUPS is part of the ministry of CVUU.

Martha Shore and Alicia “Sunny” Phillips will assist CVUU CUUPS in preparation of the covenant. Sunny is the Board liaison to CVUU CUUPS.

Thoughts on integrating in-person connection opportunities – The CVUU building (and grounds) are officially closed, except for protestors and maintenance people.Lindsay Pryor attended the Board meeting and requested the Board consider providing structured opportunities for CVUU congregants to meet in- person. Lindsay suggested the formation of a Creative Connections Task Force to consider methods for doing this. If CVUU can provide safe opportunities for Congregants to meet in person, CVUU shall provide those opportunities.

A Re-Opening Task Force has been formed. Board President Anne Odell has provided the members of the Task Force with a charge. The Task Force shall research the standards and guidelines available from other congregations, UUA, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Federal sources such as the Center for Disease Control. The Task Force shall develop a plan, which will include, at a minimum, drive by events, small group meetings inside and outside, sermons, fund raisers, group activities such as auctions and chili cookoffs, weddings, funerals, and children focused events.

The plan will include operating rules and practices for use of the building and grounds. They will focus on the specific activities, risk factors, and the goal to maintain the safety of the congregants; rules and practices for the staff working at the building should be included in the plan.

The plan will also set forth individuals’ personal responsibilities for participation on CVUU property, including any reporting of symptoms or testing. This includes the protection of the children. The plan will outline our action steps for notification when a positive case occurs, including implementors, establish cleaning protocols and responsible parties to maintain safety from COVID-19.

The plan will address enforcement of the re-opening rules and requirements and the consequences for non- compliance, address the phasing of opening various activities. The Task Force will make recommendations to keep the congregation notified.

This is an urgent matter, and the Task Force shall make a recommendation to the Board regarding implementation of the plan.

The Re-Opening Task Force members are Julie Hurst, Davis Hutcheson, Lindsay Pryor, Ken Saucer, Paula Echols, Stephanie Kiefer, Jeannine Harkleroad, and Tracy Brune.

Congregational vote on settled Minister – CVUU will be moving forward to secure Reverend Viola as a permanent settled Minister with a vote. Rev Viola has made herself available for meetings with congregants and is regularly attending committee meetings. This is a more personal option than another Candidating week and is working well. Individual congregants may also request meetings with Rev Viola.

A special congregational meeting will be scheduled for November 8, 2020 to vote on Rev Viola as the settled Minister of CVUU. The congregation will be notified by mail and other means, prior to October 8, 2020. A Q&A session will be scheduled prior to the November 8th meeting to answer questions from congregants. A practice vote will also be scheduled. This process will be completed electronically.