Month: November 2021


This week brings us fully into our second holiday season of the COVID-19 pandemic. A pandemic that some say will become an endemic.  What that means is that we need to continue to be as safe as we possibly can as we travel to gather … read more.

Youth News 11/24/21


This Sunday

No RE!  Have a wonderful weekend! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving.  If you don’t celebrate, may you have a peaceful Thursday! 

I’ll see you all on Zoom on December 5th at 3 pm!


For the youth participating our next D&D session is December 4th at 10:30 am.


Virtual … read more.

RE Happenings 11/24/21

The theme this month is Holding History. Our faith places truthful telling of history at the center of our principles. This morning we talked about what has happened to the history of this country when we forget and erase parts of our history and how … read more.


Dear Ones,

This week is Transgender Awareness Week and this coming Saturday, Nov. 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR).  TDOR honors the memory of those in the transgender community whose lives were lost because of violence committed against them.  To find out more about TDOR, … read more.

Youth News 11/17/21


This Sunday

We’ll have our Death Café and it will be virtual!  We’ll “meet” in GatherTown at 2 pm.

This early time will allow time for Mrs. Martha Shore to facilitate the Death Café and give you all an opportunity to catch up with your mentor after our Death … read more.


Dear Ones,

Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day, a day on which we honor all of those, living and dead, who have served in our armed forces. Thank you, to all of you who are serving or who have served.  And thank you to all of the family … read more.

Youth News 11/10/21


This Sunday

Thank you all for sharing this past Sunday!  The beauty of Unitarian Universalism is that we all get to walk our individual paths together.  This Sunday, we will continue our discussion on theology by working on the Theology House activity shared on pages 68-71 … read more.

RE Happenings 11/10/21

Our theme this month is Holding History.  We talked in religious education about how one of the key ways we UUs hold history is to remember that people die, but love doesn’t. We have fond memories in our hearts that make us smile. We also … read more.

Soulful Home – November

The Welcome Mat

What Does it Mean to be a Family Holding History?

My family of origin, like so many others, includes people with heritage from several parts of the world: Northern European, West African, Southeastern Native American, and Southeast Asian. This diversity of descent, and of … read more.