Month: September 2021


Dear Ones,

With October begins a new theme, Cultivating Relationship.  David Rockefeller, who was a billionaire at the time of his death in 2017, once said, “I am convinced that material things can contribute a lot to making one’s life pleasant, but, basically, if you do … read more.

RE Happenings 9/29/21

The theme this month is embracing possibility.  We started off the religious education session with showing a picture of someone yelling at another person.  Then we talked about how when something bad happens, it’s easy to assume that things will always be bad. When a … read more.

Youth News 9/29/2021


 UU History Overview

This Sunday, October 3rd we’ll be diving into UU History!   We’ll watch a video made by Rev. Viola and then have a discussion.  For those who would like a bit more information on UU History check out this video:

… read more.

Youth News 9/22/21


This Sunday we will meet at CVUU at 3PM!  Please register in advance using the link below.

 In-Person Team Building!

This Sunday, September 26th we’ll be hosting an in-person team-building event at the church starting at 3PM!  All youth are encouraged to participate.  There will be an option for … read more.

RE Happenings 9/22/21

The theme this month is embracing possibility.  We started off the session by showing a picture of a woman laying her head on a pillow sleeping. We talked about the fact that when you put your head on your pillow and sleep at night, you … read more.


Dear Ones,

Since 1968, each year, the contributions of Hispanic or Latinx Americans have been recognized.  Initially, the celebration lasted for only a week, but in 1988, it was extended to a month and became what is now National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September … read more.

Outdoor service

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Trunk or Treat!

Trunk or Treat is a trend that has been growing across the country over the past few years.  It provides a safe place where children can trick or treat.  Trunk-or-Treating started when a group of parents got together (in a school, empty store, or church parking lot), … read more.