Month: October 2020

Oct. 21, 2020

Dear Ones,

This morning I took the time to do something I have not done in a long time, go outside to watch the sun rise.  Actually, it was a lot easier to do because the sun is rising much later these days.

When I went outside, … read more.

Board Bits – Oct. 21, 2020

CVUU Board meeting minutes are typically available upon request from the CVUU Board Secretary (Ken Saucer) or Congregational Administrator (Susie Gullixson), approximately 30 days after the date of the Board meeting. The CVUU Board of Directors met on Thursday October 15, 2020. The CVUU Board … read more.

Youth News 10/21/2020


This Sunday we’ll be discussing how to know when it’s time to speak and when to be silent and listen. You’ll need the orange balloon and bag of rice that are in your RE @ Home Bag. After our activity, teens will depart to Teen … read more.

RE Happenings 10/21/2020

This past Sunday our RE theme of Deep Listening was to nature. The children watched and listened to a cricket chirping and thought about the sounds of nature around their homes. They also watched Aesop’s Fable of the Ants and the Grasshopper.

The Children’s Chalice … read more.

Oct. 14, 2020

Dear Ones,

This week we have been listening to the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  Well, some of us have.  One of the big issues for many people is whether or not the nominee’s faith will play a role in her judicial decision-making.

This is a legitimate concern.  … read more.

RE Happenings 10/14/2020

This past Sunday our RE children watched the actor, rapper, and producer Common read/tell a story titled “Let’s Talk about Race” written by Julius Lester.  Afterwards the children showed off their puppets either homemade or puppets they already owned.  We saw and appreciated all the … read more.

CVUU’s Virtual Yard Sale

Plans for a real live yard sale this year have been cancelled. However, we have a number of items (over 200) that were either left from the purchase of the building or donated to us by CVUU members who were moving (see list below).

Soon, we … read more.

Youth News 10/14/2020


This Sunday we’ll be joined by Rev. Viola as we all take turns sharing a story from our lives. After we all share, we’ll dive into our craft of creating our own galaxies. For this activity you’ll need the blank white fabric square in your … read more.