Month: April 2017

Notes on Hampton Roads Pride April 3, 2017

As taken by Rev. Charlie:


PRIDE Headliners:  Martha “It’s Raining Men” Wash, and “YMCA” Village People!
PRIDE Block Party is now part of Navy 100 Celebration (too!), celebrating 100 years of NAVSTA Norfolk


Hampton Roads Pride is offering three $1600 scholarships – finished applications due by May 1 … read more.

809 South Military is Ours!

April Activity

On March 31, Unitarian Church of Norfolk closed the sale and purchase of 809 South Military Highway, Virginia Beach, VA. Over the next few weeks, congregants will be gathering material for possible reuse or sales (networking equipment, copier-printers, office partitions, etc). In mid-April, the congregation … read more.