Dear Ones,

Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day, a day on which we honor all of those, living and dead, who have served in our armed forces. Thank you, to all of you who are serving or who have served.  And thank you to all of the family members who have had to share their loved ones who have made the decision to serve.

I received a lot of comments about the homily I gave this past Sunday, “Calling Our Ancestors.”  Some of you appreciated that it afforded an opportunity to think about the way that science, spirituality and religion and our Unitarian Universalist values might intersect.  As more is known to us about the universe and the way that it works, I think that we may find many more concepts that were initially thought of as the purely scientific or purely spiritual are really related, and that one may even help to explain the other.  We just need to remain open to the possibilities.

There is a Check-In and Chat with me on Thursday at 12 pm in Zoom. I hope that some of you can drop in during your lunch time.  I look forward to spending time with you.  And don’t forget to bring your lunch!

And, in honor of Veterans’ Day, I will share with you, “Ella’s Song,” by Sweet Honey in the Rock.  It begins with the line “We who believe in freedom cannot rest.”  Freedom is something that is important to all Americans, especially those who have chosen to serve in our armed forces.

In peace and love,

Rev. Viola

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