Dear Ones,

Unless you are a lover of cold-weather sports, which there aren’t many of here in the Hampton Roads area, the winter weather brings us all indoors.  This week, parts of this country have experienced some of the coldest weather in a long time.  And Hampton Roads was no exception.  If we weren’t before, we are all hunkered down trying to keep warm.

There are some crows who visit a pond that is behind my house, and I like to leave food there for them.  And on this cold morning, I did just that and I found that the pond was frozen over.  I can’t say I was surprised because of how cold it has been, but I took a few moments just to look at it.    There was a thin film of clear ice across the top and a few strands of pine straw were captured in it.  The sun coming through the pine trees around the pond made an interesting pattern of reflected sunlight on its surface.  And beneath the ice, I could see fallen leaves suspended in the water. It was beautiful.  Although I wish I had taken a picture with my camera, I was grateful to have captured the scene in my mind’s eye.

As cold as it was (with my new, thinner Virginian blood), I was still able to find some beauty in this frosty morning.  Right now, we are going through a lot of things that are far more difficult than a frosty morning; the global warming that is causing drastic changes to our environment, the surge of the Omicron variant, our resumption of all-virtual services, and ongoing concerns about the future of our fragile democracy.  We owe it to ourselves to take the time to find moments of beauty in the world around us that can serve to sustain us.

Here is a reminder that we still need more volunteers to help with all aspects of our worship services.  This includes people to serve as Worship Service Associates, members of our Tech Team, Ambassadors, and Safety Ambassadors.  If you are interested in helping or want to find out more about what those things involve, you can reach out to Susie Gullixson (office@c-vuu.org) or me (minister@c-vuu.org).

I hope to see some of you at the Check-In and Chat tomorrow at noon.  And, if you do come, I am going to ask you to be ready to talk about where you find beauty in the world.  Come and share a little joy.

In honor of all that is beautiful in our lives, and that we could see if we only took the time, I am sharing with you as my close this week, “Everything Is Beautiful” by Ray Stevens.

In peace and love,

Rev. Viola

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