Matt and Choir on Stage

This congregation loves music. Matt Griset, our Music Director, oversees a diverse music program that includes our congregational singing, choral pieces, service music, and the occasional music-themed service. Our services typically include

  • Gathering music while we assemble
  • A prelude
  • An offertory
  • An anthem
  • A postlude
  • Several congregation sung hymns or choruses

It is the custom of the congregation to remain seated for the playing of the postlude.


Matt coaches and directs our community (unauditioned) choir. Any member who enjoys singing choral music is welcome to participate.

Blues Sunday

In the past we have held a music themed Blues Sunday that used blues music performed by guest musicians or a pick up combo from the congregation to aid in developing that Sunday’s message.


Several pianists share accompaniment duties. If you are interested in joining our pool of accompanists, speak with Matt after service.

Guest Musicians

Guest musicians often perform the prelude, offertory, anthem, and postlude. Music director Matt looks for opportunities for guest participation and has periodic talent calls announced on our website and during service. Matt is always willing to speak after service with musicians interested in playing service music.

Our Organ

We have a nice virtual pipe organ (digital electronic instrument) that is a joy hear in the winter months. In 739 Yarmouth, the organ goes on sabbatical during the summer when humidity swells felts cause the keys to stick. Matt is seeking an organist to share in the accompaniment duties and to play featured music.