We are so close!

The sanctuary is now carpeted. The main entrance path and ramp are now usable.  The stage lighting is installed. All of the flooring is down. On Monday a problem was discovered while preparing to connect the building’s “grease trap / interceptor” to our new sewer line, our contractor discovered that the grease trap was broken and needed to be replaced. Its replacement caused a few days delay in completion of plumbing work.  Fortunately, only the kitchen drains utilize the grease trap and other sewer work was able to continue. On Wednesday (June 6th) the final key components for our connection to the city sewer force-main were installed. Except for the kitchen, we now have access to the municipal sewer system!
With the majority of work completed, Spacemakers is busy completing a large number of smaller tasks, including installation of more door hardware and trim, touching-up defects in plaster and paint, installing door stops, etc.
Beginning on June 2nd, some of our members began painting rooms on the third floor. There are still more rooms to paint, so you still have opportunities to contribute.  If painting isn’t your thing, a lot of trees and bushes need to be planted, beginning on June 9th. See publicity elsewhere about plans for doing painting or grounds work. Judy Welp or Anne Odell can provide additional information.