UCN uses the UUA WordPress theme and WordPress 4.4. WordPress 4.4 is responsive, that is, WordPress will choose a layout for a page that makes best use of the target browser’s capability. This site will display well on a 1280×1024 display, and on iPad and iPhone 6/6+. There are known issues displaying on iPhone 4.

It is our intention that the user’s accessibility¬†style sheets render the site in the user’s preferred typeface and size. This has not been tested however.

The site makes limited use of images to convey information. The notable exception is the Our Location page which contains a Google Maps street map plugin showing our location. This item contains the Google links to obtain travel directions. The page also contains an image of our building intended to confirm that the directions have been correctly followed.

In general, our site uses images to give potential sighted visitors an initial impression of our building, grounds, and congregation during services. Few images have text descriptions for use by screen reading programs.