Street Requiem

(Unitarian Church of Norfolk’s choir)
Saturday’s Street Requiem performance was a spectacular display of unity and beauty by the multifaith choirs that came together outside Freemason Street Baptist Church to perform “Street Requiem.”
The 39-degree, blustery cold provided a fitting backdrop for the more than 150 voices uniting to honor those who have died nameless, homeless or innocent on our streets. The requiem, performed in 10 parts, was sung in English, Farsi, Latin and a South African dialect. 
Choirs from UCN, The Norfolk Street Choir, Virginia Children’s Chorus, Freemason Baptist Church and others, made up the chorus.
Volunteers and attendees braved the freezing temperatures to show support for those more unfortunate and without shelter. 
We owe our thanks for these images to Stacia Sanders and our friends at Norfolk Street Choir.

The music, Street Requiem, was the creation of Australian composers Kathleen McGuire, Andy Payne and Jonathon Welch in 2014 and received its world premiere in Melbourne, Australia. It has been performed by church choirs all across the United States many times since then.
NEST, (the Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team, a coalition of churches that provide overnight shelter on a rotating basis to homeless single adults during the winter months) collected cash donations at the concert. For a short video. click here: