Stewardship Update

The Congregation has come through with financial commitments for the coming church year totaling $297,191 (99 percent of our $300,000 goal) from 142 pledges. That exceeds the value pledged last year, even though we didn’t have any matching funds this year.

Although this is an increase, some Capital Campaign Phase B funds will still be needed to pay for a portion of next year’s budget. Any additional pledges or pledge increases will help to preserve capital campaign funds for renovations of our new building. 

We recognize that our congregation has been stretched and strained by the congregation’s multiple fundraising campaigns. Despite that, a large portion of our congregation made significant increases in their pledges and about half gave at Fair Share levels. Not everyone has the ability to increase their giving, but all support is valuable and appreciated. Our emphasis in this campaign was fairness and equitable giving according to each family’s financial means. 

We thank everyone for your commitment to support and nurture our congregation’s financial needs over the next year. We hope you will all participate and give of yourselves in other ways as well.

Your Stewardship Committee,
Sally D., Rob C., Renee O., Garland T., Andrea K., Doug T., & Rev. Charlie Dieterich