Sept. 26, 2018

Dear CVUU members and friends:

I am beginning to get into the rhythms of life here at CVUU: the meetings, other gatherings, worship – all wonderful opportunities to get to know more of you.  I am grateful that you wear your name tags on Sunday and offer me your name if I seem to fumble. I find that I remember stories and moments of connection before names, so thank you for understanding when I need reminding.

This Sunday we will be treated to folk and Celtic inspired music, which led me to think about the sacredness of the circle. Circles are a symbol of the infinite; we use them as wedding bands as a symbol of unending love. There are other aspects of circles, though, that may seem less positive. We might say, that we are “going around in circles” when we revisit history or an old argument or story. I’m not so sure that those are really circles, though, but rather a spiral – covering old ground from a new vantage point, looking back and moving forward.

As always, I remain grateful to be your minister.  I am in my office most days Tuesday through Friday and can always find a time for you.  Please call or write if you would like to meet or speak with me. I am here for you.



Rev. Justine Sullivan

Interim Minister, CVUU

T 757-627-5731

C 508-662-0279

[email protected]