Sanctuary taking shape!

(New steel door frames for emergency exits)

The renovations are ongoing at 809 S. Military Highway, despite the frigid temperatures. Check out these pictures from this week! A great deal of detailed framing has recently been completed in our sanctuary. The holidays and frigid weather have slowed down some aspects of the renovations, such as the pouring of concrete and roofing work. HVAC contractors and electricians are hard at work. Rough-in electrical work will be inspected soon. Several steel door frames were just delivered for the new emergency-exit doorways. Installation of fire-suppression sprinkler pipes is expected to begin this week.


 The construction photos are compliments of Doug T. from our construction management team of the Facility Oversight Committee.

(Balcony showing some of detailed framing for sheet-rock)

(Balcony showing new air duct and plumbing for 3rd-floor restrooms)