This simple guideline is intended to aid the Social Justice Committee (SJC) in deciding how to respond to requests from outside groups or organizations to make presentations to or our congregation (these are requests for time or access vs a financial donation).   We acknowledge that each request will be unique and may well require decisions/actions not encompassed in this document.   This is just a guide and not intended to limit or confine the actions of the SJC.

I.  SJC shall consider all requests and keep documentation that shall at least include:

  • Who made the request
  • When the request was made
  • What was requested
  • The SJC review and findings
  • Final Decision
  • Outcome/ Results
  • This documentation should be available to any member of the congregation

II. When received the SJC chair will assign any request to a member or group of members of the SJC to review, research and make a recommendation to the entire committee for a vote.