Nearing completion!

Most of the rooms on the first and second floors have been painted. Ceramic tile work has been completed in the first and second floor restrooms and has started on the third floor.  Electricians have been installing lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches on the first and second floors. Gradually, circuits are being turned on. Carpet is now being laid on the second floor.  As sinks and counters are being installed, plumbers are busy making all of the required connections. On the third floor, window seats / counters are being installed in all of the dormers. Attic insulation has been completed in the administrative and children’s wings.
Significant progress is being made in our kitchen. The walls and ceiling were covered with sheet-rock. Two sheets of stainless steel were applied to the wall where the stove will be placed. The large commercial grade hood for the stove has been hung. Red quarry tile is being laid for the kitchen floor. In the sanctuary, sub-flooring has been installed on the stage.  Air supply registers, lighting fixtures, and sprinkler heads are being installed or adjusted to utilize or conform to the ceiling grid. Wall sconces have been installed. Hand-railings have been installed on the main entrance ramp, childrens wing exit ramp, and stairways to the second and third floors. Installation of many doors is just beginning.