Bios for Ministerial Selection Committee

Tasha Dockery
Tasha enjoys reading and listening to podcasts about science, politics, religion, relationships and economics. She has worked in the mortgage industry for 6 years.
She is fascinated by how way leadership and education can shape and change lives and is moved and fulfilled by the inner and outer work Unitarian Universalism can support.
She has co-facilitated the Building the World We Dream About curriculum at her previous UU congregation, served as a member of the Interim Search Committee and currently co-facilitates the Living the Pledge workshop here at CVUU.

David Hutchinson
David is a 30-year veteran of the Virginia Beach Fire Department (VBFD), serving as Fire Chief since June 2017. Professionally, he have been directly involved in the hiring of hundreds of Virginia Beach firefighters and has also been an assessor on numerous director level promotional panels for the City of Virginia Beach.
David and Amy have been members since the early ’90s. Since then, David has participated in many committees and boards over the years including:
Board Vice President and President; Quest lead advisor for 6 years; Sunday school teacher; Co-chair of Stewardship and the Personnel board; NEST volunteer at CVUU and UCN since 1992. Also, drove the NEST bus. Currently, serve on the NEST Steering Committee and oversaw CVUU’s bus stop operations this past year.

Martha Shore
Martha retired as a Human Resources Manager serving her last 22 years with Zeiders Enterprises at the Fleet and Family Support Centers.
As a UU, she has been a member of 7 UU churches in 6 different states.
Martha joined UCN/CVUU in 1990 and served on The Decisions for Growth Committee, a Ministerial search team, the Board, served as Board President for 3 years, CREC, Committee on Ministries, and has volunteered as a Middle School Sunday School Teacher.
At SUUSI, she has served in the information office, on the registration staff, on the Board and on The Core Staff.
In the former TJ District she served as a Healthy Congregations Consultant and as a UUA Compensation Consultant.
Currently, at CVUU she serves on the Worship Services Committee, the Caring Committee, CREC, the Board and as a Teen Advisor.
Her last experience as a member of a search team was incredibly rewarding. She felt honored to be asked to serve and looks forward to being on the journey with the other search team members and the congregation.

Brian Schiller
Brian is a husband, father, civilian employee of the US Navy, former congregation president, former search committee chair, 8-year member of this congregation, fan of all things Cleveland, perpetually in need of a shave and/or haircut.
He knows firsthand the value of a strong spiritual leader, and looks forward to finding one that meets the many diverse needs of our congregation with this team.

Lindsay Pryor
Lindsay has been a member at UCN/CVUU since 2011 with her husband Mark.
Since then, they added three new members – their three children.
Over the years, she has participated in our community in a handful of ways. She has volunteered with NEST on the breakfast crew, worked the Sunday morning welcome table, helped form a casual playgroup, and all three of her children have had the good fortune to be part of blessing ceremonies with each of them being dedicated by a different minister.
She was on the Capital Campaign team, has served as co-chair for a period of time. As part of that involvement, she kick-started the initiative for the Homecoming Dance in 2013.
By being involved in the Minister Search Team, she hopes to find a leader for our community that can guide and strengthen our spiritual paths so that we have the fortitude to do the hard work of loving unconditionally. She is excited to learn from others on the committee as well and looks forward to the joyful challenge of this process.

Tracy Navarra-Davis
Tracy is a cradle UU who has served on Boards, Committees and Tasks Forces in Sacramento CA, Portland OR, and New Haven CT.
Most recently in New Haven, she represented her congregation on an interdenominational Sacred Conversations collaboration, served as a Transition Team member for the Interim Minister, co-chaired on both the Mental Health Awareness team and Anti-Racism Task Force, and hosted a variety of events, including professional workshops, community leadership panels, covenant circles and social cinema discussion groups.
Since moving to Norfolk in 2017, she and her wife have been members of UCN & CVUU, and currently serve as Racial Justice team member and Religious Education instructor, respectively.
Tracy looks forward to serving her new-ish congregational home through service on the Ministerial Search Committee.

Kevin St. George
Kevin has retired from USCG after 37 years, with his last 9 years serving as Director of HR for a 1,400 member civilian workforce. He also has obtained two graduate degrees relevant to HR.
As a member of our congregation, Kevin has served as a 3-year Board Member, continues to volunteer as an usher and counter, just became a Quest mentor, has been an overnight leader for NEST and stills participates on the Grounds committee.
Kevin sees our congregation as a large physical plant that requires a significant investment of time, talent, and treasure in addition to all of the on-going activities needed for our vibrant church community.
He wants to participate in the selection for our next minister in the hopes of finding someone who will balance our internal efforts with our commitment to Social Justice efforts in the wider world.

Dr. David Kidd
Dr. David Kidd has been a Unitarian since Lisa Kilczewski took him to a service back in 1991 in Gainesville, Florida.
He is a proud graduate of two SEC schools, Auburn University and The University of Florida.
David received his PhD in American Studies in 2013 from The College of William and Mary.
The English department chair and co-director of the Literacy Fellows program in the Batten Leadership Program, David has been a teacher at Norfolk Academy for the last 23 years, a position that has called for him to be on several committees and supervise the hiring and development of many teachers.
At our former home of UCN, David served on (and was the chair of) the Worship Services Committee, was a member on the Committee on Ministry and the Nominating Committee.
Active in adult religious education, David has also worked several different years in religious education, his favorite being work in the Rainbow Room.

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